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Send Your Detail Information to the Lodge
This accommodation is short or long term, paid weekly.  Give us some idea of your wishes below, though you do not need to state an end date.  We hope you will enjoy yourself staying here.
Please fill out the information below.  Please include your name, and create a Username (at least 6 characters, example Jason4216), so we can get back to you.  To get replies click the 'Inbox' button and enter the same Username.


(write this down to remember it to retrieve your replies)

Initially we would like details about yourself and a recent photo or short video for identification purposes.  If there are two of you then each must fill out this page separately and be in the photos or videos.  If you want a viewing or are booking from another country then the photos are essential.
Please attach one or two recent pics or vids of yourself.  Click or tap the buttons below to select files on your computer or phone or tablet, so that their names appear to the right of the buttons.

When do you want to move in?
Start date    
How long do you need the accommodation?

Do you smoke?

Gender identity?

Gender preference?

Where are you now? (city)

Do you have any pets you want to bring?

Optional Info

Where did you first see the advertisement (which website or search engine)?

Anything else you would like to say?

Note: After clicking 'Send the Information' you should see a confirmation page.  If you do not then we have not received your message.

Please use your Username above to access received messages with the 'Inbox' button on the main menu of this website.

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